Friday, June 24, 2011

Terrain Project, Stone Fort.

This was really easy and simple to do. And i think it looks good, good enough for terrain

Bought from the WarStore

Prime Black
Drybrush Stone with Folk Art 721 Denim Blue
Drybrush Stone with Fol Art 425 Medium Gray
Drybrush Stone with Folk Art 450 Parchment
Wash With Badab Black

Metal Sides and archway
Heavy Drybrush Boltgun Metal
Wash with Badab Black
Dry brush with Chainmail
Wash with Devlan Mud

Wood Top
Base Coat Americana DA65 Dark Chocolate
Heavy Wash with Devlan Mud
Dry Brush with Khemri Brown

1 comment:

Hexeter said...

That right there is a shiny bit of real estate Ken! I can't believe how easy the Paint was on it!