Friday, April 30, 2010

How To: Magnetize Guardians Weapons Platform

The Magnets I used were 1/4x1/16, that is the larger magnet for the base of the weapons platform, and in each gun I used 2, 1/16x1/32 magnets. You are probably better off using 1/8x1/16 but I didn’t have those so I just used what I had.
Note: Polarity is the MOST IMPORTANT thing to keep track of here, one wrong move and its gonna take A LOT of work to fix it. So make sure you keep track of the Polarity.

First thing you want to do is drill your hole in the top of the weapons platform. You should drill the hole in the area of the female tab end. For the Weapons platforms the platform has a female end that the guns male tab end should fit into, try and get this centered as possible . You will do this before you attack the shield. Then Place the Large magnet into its slot with a little super glue and your set.

Second. Cut the Male tab off of the guns so that it is flush on the bottom.

Third. Drill two small holes for your magnets to fit in. The holes you drill will be the width of the magnets. Or you can just eye ball the magnet to the drill bit.

Fourth. Add a little glue into the holes, not too much glue and Insert magnets, I used the edge of my hobby knife to firmly press down on the magnets to make sure they were flush with the bottom of the gun.

Repeat step 3 and 4 until you have all of your weapons done.

Fifth. Attach the shield to the platform.

Sixth. Try it out! This model is ready to prime and paint!

Hoped this helped!

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Doggles said...

Nice tutorial - this is pretty much exactly how I did mine. Just one thing I thought I should mention - when glueing the magnets on the gun in place I found it quite hard to get them level and flush with each other (clumsy fat fingers I'm afraid...), as a result, the guns could rock side-to-side, and some of them sat permanently a little over to one side, which spoiled the effect a bit. I found that this could be rectified by filing the whole contact area flat once the magnets were in place. Need to be a bit careful as the magnets are brittle but it avoided having to drill them out and start again...