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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Game Table Day 1

Ok Guys so i've been collecting the Materials to make a game table, and today i decided to start on it. I'll list the materials i used.

1. 6'x4' piece of 3/4" plywood.
2. 4'x8' piece of 1" thick Poly Stryene, Insulation foam board
3. 1 Gallon of Flat Black Laytex house paint
4. Lots and Lots of Craft (white) Glue
5. Liquid Nail
6. Tooth Picks

So Today i Painted the Piece of Plywood black, Then i Carved out some raised areas, rocky out cropings, to add as permanent fixtures. These are the only 2 pieces of permanent terrain that i want to put on my board, i'll add removeable terrain later but for now i wanted just add 2 pieces I tried to keep it as fair as possible.

I was able to file down areas so you could get onto them without rolling difficult terrain test, on the one side i gave 1" of extra elevation in the corner, on the other side i gave 1" of cover on the one side. One side has the ramp in the middle the other on the end. Again trying to keep it fair, but unique as these are permanent. I sealed them to the plywood with liquid nail and i made sure to apply liquid nail to the edges and flat surfaces that will see alot of action to decrese the wear and tear on the foam, the liquid nail stregnthens it immensely. I used tooth picks to help secure to top layers of foam to the bottom layers of foam, again to make it stronger and more resistant to dammage.

Here are some Pictures of what its looking like so far, next step is to mix up a batch of glue and water and add the sand i just bought to the entire surface.

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