Friday, October 15, 2010

Sons of Dorn

With a little help from my friends on the FreeBootaz Forum, I've decided to work on an Imperial Project, and Picked the Imperial Fists, Yellow is a challenging color to paint, and i wanted to push myself, see what i could do. Special Thanks to Starminer, CiaphisCain and Brother Grimm for there contributions to help me with this project.


Hexeter said...

Wow that's probably got to be the best looking colors I have seen on the Fists since I have started looking at the models. Impressive work Ken!

Ciaphas Cain said...

Diggin the Fists Kenny! I love the interesting yellow-orange tint of the Fists, rather than the usual melt your eyeballs yellow! Good use of Tau Sept Ochre!

Kenny said...

Thanks Buddy!