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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Eldar Warlock

I wasn't even planning on painting today...I 've been putting off my Warlocks and Farseer because i am afraid to paint robes and cloth, i bought the Painting Bootcamp DVD and i've watched it several times, and still i was afraid to paint cloth, So i was looking at the Warlocks sitting there, all primed and not painted, and i decided to put on my big boy pants and just give it a go, worst case scenario i have simple green, i could just scrub it right? well i'm not 100% sure what happened, maybe i was Channeling my Aussie buddy Role Player, but some how i think i just painted the nicest mini i've ever painted...i hope i can re-do this performance when i do the rest of them, let me be clear i dont think this is ANYWHERE close to what RP or CiaphasCain or any of those guys do, but for me and my ability, i think i really did well, and i'm proud of this one, i'm uploading the pictures now so i hope they do it justice. again any comments, or any tips you can give so i do a better job, please let me know - Kenny


Hexeter said...

Hey Ken how was that DVD by the way? I picked up the Best of 2k9 DVD and it was pretty cool. This guy looks awesome actually, you should be proud of him!

Gobbo said...

Looking good Sir. I have some Eldar I painted on commission on my blog in a past post and you should definitely be proud of this guy.