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Sunday, May 23, 2010

News: 5-23-10

*Throne of Skulls: GW Just announced in their newsletter that there will be a new grand tourney called "Throne of Skulls". Jervis Johnson will lead the charge and say's they're looking to update the way they run their tournements to make it easier for players to have the best time possible and look to get have more around the world than ever before. Look for details in your White Dwarf magazine and on soon.

*2010 Citadel Miniatures catalogue: is up for pre-order, it has a whooping 624 pages for $19.75 USD you can have a nice coffee table book full of that 'Eavy Metal Goodness

*Chaos Daemons: Games Workshop just announce that there will be new Minis release for the Chaos Daemons armies, coming up in August 2010...At least its not another army of the imperium.

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